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Andrea Glorioso sama a miu-ft.org
Mer 28 Lug 2004 10:14:54 CEST

Ciao a tutti.

Questa la mando  perche`,  nell'orgia di  sciocchezze  e mezze verita`
(non mi stupirei di  scoprire che il  sig.  O'Dowd ha perso un appalto
con  il  DoD statunitense) ci  sono  alcune  considerazioni (o meglio,
accenni  di considerazione) relative al  problema delle metodologie di
sviluppo,    accounting, testing,  etc,   etc  a  mio parere degne  di



  Linux is being designed into future  U.S. defense systems, including
  the Army's  Future Combat  System (FCS),  the Land  Warrior, and the
  Global Information Grid, which will  connect future military systems
  into one network. This spread of Linux into defense systems is cause
  for serious concern. Linux security is inadequate for defense use.


  The     Linux operating system  is    developed  by  an open  source
  process. With the knowledge that Linux is going  to control our most
  advanced    defense   systems,  foreign  intelligence   agencies and
  terrorists can easily  infiltrate the Linux community to  contribute
  subversive software. The risk is particularly acute since many Linux
  contributors are based in countries from which  the U.S. would never
  purchase commercial defense  software. Some embedded Linux providers
  even outsource their development to China and Russia.

  It would   be incredibly naive to believe   that other countries and
  terrorist organizations  would  not exploit  an  easy opportunity to
  sabotage our military  or critical  infrastructure  systems when  we
  have been doing the same to them for more than 20 years!


  Several operating systems have been DO-178B Level A certified. Until
  Linux is certified to DO-178B Level A, our soldiers, sailors, airmen
  and marines should not be asked to trust their lives with it.



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