[Diritto] IBM e GPL

Davide Barbieri paci@prosa.it
22 Dec 2001 11:13:38 +0100

Trovato in una rivista:

"Santa strikes us as an open source kind of guy and that being so 
we'd be willing to bet that a certain three-letter company in 
Armonk, New York is on his naughty list and is going to find coal in 
its stocking at Christmas.

A mischievous little elf pointed us at page 135 of a 144-page 
document entitled "Linux for S/390" and it seems that IBM's added a 
little "disclaimer" to the GNU.

"Elements of Linux for S/390 which utilise internal details of the 
S/390 systems remain the intellectual property and copyright of IBM, 
notwithstanding the (GNU) licence," it says.

Gee, the way we heard it, if you add anything to GPL software - like 
Linux for instance - then the new code is also governed by the GPL.

The spelling in the disclaimer has a distinctly European feel to it. 
Maybe the GPL's different on the other side of the pond.

We tried to talk to Richard Stallman or anybody at the Free Software 
Foundation about this, but they must have been at a Christmas party."