[Diritto] Some help for a friend who lives in Roma

Nivel_13 disinher@intercom.es
Tue, 03 Jul 2001 11:57:49 +0200

Hi! All:
First of all I apologize for e-mailing you in English. I'm not able to
do it in Italiano.
I don't know whether you can help me or not, but I need some help for a
good friend who lives in Roma and definitively wants to move to LINUX. I
should need an address for for a Roma's Linux Centre where he can buy a
distro & receive some Linux lessons.
I have taken your address from:
Thanks in advance
Pedro Cuartango
Windows contains FAT.
Use Linux -- you won t ever have to worry about your weight.
Microsoft Zen - Become one with the blue screen.
I'm using free software, And you?