[Diritto] redhat brevetta qualcosa

Alceste Scalas diritto@softwarelibero.it
Sun, 26 May 2002 13:25:55 +0200

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On Sun, May 26, 2002 at 09:49:30AM +0200, Pierluigi Perri wrote:
    > >E` vero che Redhat srl.. sta brevettando qualche technologia
    > >che ha appena sviluppato?
    > Che io sappia...sono diventati solo moooolto pi=F9 restrittivi
    > nel concedere l'utilizzo del loro marchio.

    Per  la cronaca:  i brevetti  ed i  trademark (ovvero,  i marchi
    registrati,  come p.   es. il  logo Red  Hat(TM)) sono  due cose
    diverse:  il  brevetto regola  la  realizzazione  fisica di  una
    invenzione, mentre il trademark regola qualunque riproduzione di
    un  marchio.  Gli  aspetti legali  ed i  campi  applicativi sono
    decisamente diversi.

    Per la cronaca  2: i brevetti di Red  Hat sono brevetti software
    (leggi: un  brevetto che si applica ad  un'idea senza richiedere
    realizzazione fisica), un abominio che in Europa non e` (ancora)
    legale ---  sebbene lo sia negli  USA ed in  Giappone.  La cosa,
    quindi,  non  ha  (ancora)  nessuna  influenza  diretta  su  noi

Dalla mailing list <discussion@fsfeurope.org>:

    On Sat, May 25, 2002 at 11:43:28AM +0100, Alex Hudson wrote:
        > On Sat, 2002-05-25 at 10:52, Loic Dachary wrote:
        > >         Are you aware of these software patent
        > >         applications?
        > I wasn't. It seems the motives for this are (at least
        > partly) defensive.  Taken from Slashdot (I think the ID is
        > genuine), in reply to someone making the point about
        > defence:
        >   "Very much so. The situation needs changing badly, but
        > right now it forces people to play the stupid patent game
        > either for good or for evil.
        >   "Expect a formal clarification from the Red Hat folks
        > about this patent and usage (we didnt think it was
        > news). Expect more patents too. In fact I've got two
        > applications and I need to finish writing up - which I
        > wouldn't be doing unless I was *convinced* this was the
        > only way to do things in the short term, and that generic
        > GPL use would be granted
        >   Alan"
        > As the patents stand, I'm pretty sure that they couldn't
        > be filed in Europe via the EPO, but I could be wrong, I
        > haven't checked them out that thoroughly.
        > Sad times indeed.


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