[Diritto] An analysis of the RIAA's complaint against Dan Peng '05

Andrea Glorioso diritto@softwarelibero.it
Wed, 16 Apr 2003 12:20:51 +0200

Non sono sicuro che sia gia` passata in lista, negli archivi non l'ho
trovata ma potrei essermi sbagliato.


"Executive summary

The Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA)  sued Dan Peng, a
Princeton sophomore, for direct and contributory infringement of their
members'   copyrights.   This  essay     analyzes  that   contributory
infringement claim. Peng  allegedly operated a computer service called
"wake"   which cataloged the    publicly-shared  files on the   campus
network. The RIAA  draws a parallel  between  "wake" and Napster,  and
calls upon  the   court  to apply   the  reasoning  from the   Napster
case. Their analysis falls short in three respects:

   1. "Wake" differs fundamentally from Napster in that it (allegedly)
   indexed a pre-existing network,  just  as Web search  engines index
   the pre-existing web.    Napster, on the  other  hand,  created the
   network on which its users traded music.

   2.  Napster's   software indexed  and    shared   only MP3    audio
   files. Wake,  on  the other hand,   (allegedly) indexed all  public
   documents on the network,  which substantially expands its range of
   non-infringing uses.

   3. "Wake,"     as a     pure  search   engine  (rather    than    a
   search-engine-plus-file-sharing-system,     as Napster  was),    is
   protected by the DMCA, a fact which the RIAA does not address."


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