[Diritto] Stealth DMCA. Be afraid. Be very afraid... [fwd]

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Tue, 22 Apr 2003 20:23:33 +0200

Meglio non sottovalutare ...

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Subject: Stealth DMCA. Be afraid. Be very afraid...
Date: Mon, 21 Apr 2003 16:37:36 -0600

Not sure if this is alarmist, or even the correct venue to address
this issue, but I would think it worthy of mention to everyone who
reads this list.


The proposed super-DMCA statutes reverse this traditional rule. Under
these statutes, you would not be entitled to connect anything to your
cable, satellite, or DSL line without the express permission of your
service provider. The model MPAA bill accomplishes this by making it a
crime to possess a device to "receive  transmit, [or] re-transmit"
any communication service without the "express authorization" of the
communication service provider. The various pending state bills
include similar language.

This provision would make you a criminal for simply connecting a TV,
PC, TiVo or VCR (all of which can "receive" communication services) to
the cable TV line in your living room without your cable company's
permission. It could also make you a criminal for connecting a Wi-Fi
wireless gateway (which can "retransmit" Internet traffic) to your DSL
or cable modem line without the permission of your ISP. "

Take particular note of the one-sided attorney's fee provision (You
loose, you pay for both sides fees. You win, MPAA doesn't pay yours).
and automatic injunctions (without their having to prove they suffered
any harm).

And Remote downgrades, abusive damages, etc. etc.

Maybe it's time to boycott all American Movies and Music before
the MPAA gets world domination through through stealth legislation.
And write your state legislatures before it's too late!

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