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Mer 9 Maggio 2001 09:13:56 CEST

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In a surprise move endorsed by the top leaders of the open source 
movement, two organizations from seemingly-opposite sides of the 
Internet patent debate -- the intellectual property firm IP.com, and 
the open source advocacy group Foresight Institute -- have teamed up to 
launch PriorArt.org, a new 'defensive publishing' service designed to 
protect open source developers' freedom to innovate while also reducing 
the number of bogus patent claims. 
The new service will enable open source developers to publish a brief 
description of their software innovation in IP.com's OpenTech Database. 
Each disclosure will be time-stamped to establish "first to invent" 
precedence, digitally-notarized to ensure authenticity of the 
disclosure, and then maintained in the proper format for valid prior 
art. Then, under agreements between IP.com and various patent offices 
worldwide, this comprehensive database of open source prior art will be 
made available to patent examiners during their review of all new 
patent applications. 


--Luca Fasolo

l.fasolo a libero.it

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