[Discussioni] Fwd: [Patents] FICPI demands obligatory unlimited patentability worldwide

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Ven 20 Dic 2002 00:14:56 CET

> From: PILCH Hartmut <phm a a2e.de>
> To: patents a aful.org
> Subject: [Patents] FICPI demands obligatory unlimited patentability worldwide
> Date: Thu, 19 Dec 2002 23:16:00 +0100 (CET)
> The world alliance of patent lawyer associations
>   http://www.ficpi.org/ficpi/newsletters/51/PosPaperSPLT_1.html
> demands that Art 27 TRIPs may not and "was never meant to" be interpreted
> in a "restrictive" way, i.e. in a way that treats the concepts
> "invention", "technical", "industrial" etc as limitations on what can be
> patented.  The new Substantive Patent Law Treaty, which is being
> prepared by WIPO, should, according to FICPI (and according to the
> US delegation at WIPO), impose worldwide patentabilty of anything
> useful.  According to FICPI there is "no reason" to limit patentability,
> and in particular the ever-growing importance of the service sector should
> be taken account of by making patents available for this sector.
> It is interesting to see FICPI taking such extreme positions in public.
> Normally the tactic has been to continue using "industry" and "technical"
> in order to hide the real intentions.   One may wonder why the FICPI
> resolution drafters believe that such hiding is less necessary now than
> a few years ago.
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