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Salve a tutti,

pensavo che il messaggio che inoltro potesse interessare ad altri mebri 
della lista.

Ci sono nazioni che stanno seriamente analizzando il Free Software, 
senza tanti problemi.



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Subject: [Marketing] Danish Board of Technology: Public administration 
can save billions using Open Source software
Date: Sun, 20 Oct 2002 20:11:41 +0200 (CEST)
From: Claus Sørensen <cs a openoffice.org>
To: <dev a marketing.openoffice.org>

Thursday October 10th 2002 the Danish Board of Technology released a
report about the economic potential in using Open Source software in
 the public administration which showed a potential at 3.7 billions
 Danish Kroners (500 million EUR) over four years.

The main suggestion in the report is using an open exchange format for
text document within the public administration so the competition can
 be enhanced and lowering the price.

In Hanstholm municipality they had a pilot project since April which
showed that the don't have more problems using OpenOffice.org and
StarOffice instead of Microsoft Office as their office suite and each
 user only needs one to one and half our of training to learn the new
 office suite. The municipality will now use OpenOffice.org and
 StarOffice on all workplaces (200 in all) and saves 300.000 Danish
 Kroners (ca. 40.000 EUR) each year in license fees. They will still
 use Microsoft Windows as operating system.

Three Danish political parties from different part of the political
spectrum responded with a demand for Open Source pilot projects in
 bigger scale within the public administration.

Århus county could be one of these pilot projects. Now they use
WordPerfect but it will not contain Danish help in future versions
 because Danish is a too small market for Corel and the Danish help is
 crusial. They will save ca. 10 million Danish Kroners (ca. 1.2 million
 EUR) each year with an OpenOffice.org solution instead of a Microsoft
 Office solution. They have also budgetted with 1 million Danish
 Kroners to create a WordPerfect filter for OpenOffice.org.

Tuesday 15th October 2002 the Nordic Council gave 500.000 Danish
 Kroners (ca. 65.000 EUR) to The Danish Consumer Agency to create a
 Nordic site about using Open Source software for consumers. The Danish
 Consumer Agency has earlier showed that they saved hundred of
 thousands of Danish Kroners using an Open Source solution for their
 website instead of a Unix based soltuion.

The report is being translated to English - and you have something to
 look forward to because this report is the most well documented Open
 Source report so far with a lot of references and tests. You can see
 that the writers are university people (two associate professors and a
 professor) and not a consulting company who writes what the buyer
 wants to hear.

Link to the report:

Claus Sørensen,
Marketing Contact for OpenOffice.org in Scandinavia

(already at http://newsforge.com/)
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