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Hello Associazione Software Libero

I'm helping to organize an international coalition to oppose the proposed 
EU Directive on IP Enforcement. Here is a letter that I' am asking civil 
liberties groups and consumer rights campaigns to sign on to and urge 
rejection of its provisions:

Would Associazione Software Libero be willing to sign on to this letter?

I'd like to go "live" with this campaign (organizational letter, white 
paper, and media release) on Monday (Aug. 11) since it will be exactly one 
month before the Committee discusses the proposal on Sept. 11th. I 
apologize for the short notice, but if you could get back to me by Friday 
on this, it would help tremendously.  Also, if you know of other European 
organizations or initiatives that be interested in signing on, please 
forward it for consideration.

Here is a link to a draft of a White Paper that we are preparing on this 
issue also:

Thanks for the great work you are doing in Europe!


Robin D. Gross, Esq.
Executive Director     www.ipjustice.org
robin a ipjustice.org    +1 415.553.6261
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