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Fiat revs up European sales with Linux
By Robert Jaques [01-12-2003]
Intel Itanium 2 Processors and Red Hat in the driving seat


Car giant Fiat is deploying Linux running on Intel Itanium 2-based servers
to support its European sales and support network, which will link 17
countries by 2005. 

The system will allow Fiat's sales outlets to provide continuously updated
product and market information, and let sales staff check stock availability
and examine payment and financing options.

The technology behind the sales support network is built in three layers.

The database server is powered by Intel Itanium 2 processors running Red Hat
Linux Advanced Server 2.1 and Oracle 9i Real Application Cluster. A single
central database ensures that all data is regularly updated across the

The system's application server is based on Intel Xeon processors, Red Hat
Enterprise Linux Advanced Server 2.1 and IBM WebSphere Application Server
4.0 to manage and integrate a range of e-business applications.

The front-end layer is powered by Intel Itanium 2 processors running Linux
and Apache Web Server for web-hosting and intranet applications.

Nunzio Cali, IT director for Lancia and light commercial vehicles at Fiat,
said that the new sales support system will be rolled out to 1,800 dealers
and 4,000 authorised resellers over the next two years.

"We expect real return on investment from this initiative in terms of impact
on profits," he added.

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