Francesco Potorti` pot a softwarelibero.it
Ven 5 Dic 2003 09:07:02 CET

Computer game developers are increasingly willing to give away the software
tools used to construct the games, including them on the disc with the game
itself and thereby allowing users to modify the graphics, sound effects, and
even the way the game is played. One young mod maker explains what this
development means: "People are taking the tools that someone else made and
using them as sort of a paintbrush to define their own canvas. They are
really, really expressing their own creativity and defining the ideal
environment for their own game play. I would go as far to say that it is an
art." Some game industry observers say that game makers can inspire loyalty
and sales by creating games that remain fresh and sometimes serve as the
basis for entirely different games. (New York Times 4 Dec 2003)

Forse si va nella direzione di cui si parlava tempo fa: magari un giorno
avremo i tutti o quasi i motori liberi, e il contenuto a pagamento.

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