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Subject: The Open Source Observatory is online!
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This message is to notify you that the Open Source Observatory of the 
IDA unit is online as of today. The general announcement is included 

You receive this message since you have recently been in contact with 
the webteam of the Observatory. If you have other contacts with IDA, it 
is possible that you'll receive this notification through those 
channels as well.


The Open Source Observatory is online!

The Open Source Observatory, launched today by the Enterprise DG and 
funded under the IDA Programme, aims ultimately to provide a 
comprehensive overview of open source software activities in current 
and future EU Member States.

Besides news round-ups, the Observatory will give information technology 
policy makers and practitioners easy access to in-depth assessments of 
specific open source projects. The first case studies feature the Dutch 
Royal Meteorological Institute and the LinEx initiative of the Spanish 
region of Extremadura.

Reference and introductory documents, and links to policy statements, 
will also be posted on the Observatory pages. From 1 January 2004, it 
will be possible to subscribe to weekly news summaries and receive them 
by e-mail.

Contributions on Open Source Software in the public sector are welcome. 
Please send them to the dedicated address gposs a cec.eu.int.

You can find the Open Source Observatory at 


Kind regards,
Jeroen                          mailto:jeroen.van.disseldorp a cgey.nl 

Cap Gemini Ernst & Young
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Technology Consulting (D60)
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