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Friday 16 May 2003, alle 19:36, Francesco Potorti`:
: Microsoft is offering hefty discounts on its products in an apparent effort 
: to undercut the cost advantage of Linux -- behavior that one European 
: antitrust lawyer says appears to violate European law. "If it's true, the 
: discounts would constitute an abuse," said competition law attorney Thomas 
: Vinje. Microsoft is under investigation by European regulators for possibly 
: abusing its dominance in the software market. The company said it had set 
: aside two funds as part of its strategy to combat Linux. One is set aside 
: for providing discounts to governments and the education sector, and the 
: other is earmarked for enabling the sales force to undersell competitors 
: peddling Linux software. "The primary objective is to make technology 
: available to customers at low prices," says a Microsoft spokesman. 
: (Reuters/Los Angeles Times 16 May 2003)
: http://www.latimes.com/technology/la-fi-micro16may16,1,3238795.story?coll=la%2Dheadlines%2Dtechnology

Sull'argomento c' anche un lungo articolo sull'Herald Tribune:


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