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Mar 27 Maggio 2003 09:46:04 CEST

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> Subject: pho: Linux community organization sends SCO a cease-and-desist
> letter
> Date: Mon, 26 May 2003 19:03:17 +0200
> From: Michael Kleinhenz <kleinhenz a linuxtag.org>
> To: pho a onehouse.com
> http://www.linuxtag.org/2003/en/press/releases.xsp?id=3
> Lawyers representing the LinuxTag association have given notice to SCO Group
> GmbH to desist from unfair competitive practices. The notice, dated Friday,
> May 23, maintains that SCO Group is sowing uncertainty among the community
> of GNU/Linux users, developers and suppliers. "SCO needs to stop claiming
> that the standard Linux kernel violates its copyrights, or they need to lay
> the evidence for their claim on the table," said LinuxTag's Michael
> Kleinhenz.
> The association demanded that the German SCO subsidiary retract its claims
> regarding ownership of Linux kernel code by this Friday, May 30, or make its
> evidence public. "SCO must not be allowed to damage its competitors by
> unsubstantiated claims, to intimidate their customers, and to inflict
> lasting damage on the reputation of GNU/Linux as an open platform,"
> Kleinhenz added.
> Until a few weeks ago, SCO itself distributed the Linux kernel GNU General
> Public License (GPL) as a member of the UnitedLinux alliance. Thus even if
> SCO owns parts of the Linux kernel, it has made them into Free Software by
> distributing them under the GPL.
> "This situation illustrates the superiority of the Free Software licensing
> model: If a software manufacturer withdraws from the development of GPL
> software, its contributions that were published under the the GPL up to that
> time remain available to users," said Jürgen Siepmann, attorney and founding
> member of LinuxTag. Till Jaeger, Director of the Institute for Legal Aspects
> of Free and Open Source Software, agrees: "Companies see this as an
> important pillar of investment security." 
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