[Discussioni] "Linux war takes ugly turn"

Francesco Potorti` pot a softwarelibero.it
Ven 21 Maggio 2004 13:30:10 CEST

>>> http://www.macworld.co.uk/news/main_news.cfm?NewsID=8716

I due passaggi più significativi sono:
    The legal enforceability of the GPL has been called into question by
    SCO, which claimed that: "The GPL is selectively enforced by the
    Free Software Foundation," in recent court filings.
    SCO's subpoena "effectively asks for every single document about the
    GPL and enforcement of the GPL since 1999," wrote Kuhn, who
    published a copy of SCO's subpoena, along with an appeal for
    donations to the FSF, alongside his letter.

>> http://www.fsf.org/philosophy/sco/subpoena.html

Questo è quanto dice riguardo ai costi:

 If we fight the subpoena, it means substantial legal fees associated
 with litigation. If weproduce materials, it means substantial effort to
 gather the relevant documents. Even though we'll be reimbursed for the
 direct costs, the indirect costs in staff time will be ours to bear.

E questo quanto dice riguardo al processo legale:

 the software is as sound as the software development itself. Many Free
 Software developers saw the copyright assignment process used for most
 GNU components as a nuisance, but we arduously designed and redesigned
 the process to remove the onerousness. Now the SCO fiasco has shown the
 community theresilience and complete certainty that a good legal
 assembly process can create. (SCO, after all, eventually dropped their
 claims against GNU as a whole and focused on the Linux project which,
 for all its wonderful technical achievements, has a rather loose legal
 assembly process.)

Quanto dice riguardo ai costi mi sembra ovvio, quanto dice riguardo al
processo legale è vero e noto

Marco Ermini:
>Io da queste ragioni ne ricavo una volta di più la convinzione di NON
>trasferire il copyright del mio software GPL alla FSF...

Non capisco due cose:
- cosa ti spinge a queste conclusioni, ovvero quale difetto trovi nelle
  argomentazioni di Kuhn
- quale copyright hai o hai avuto in mente di trasferire ad FSF e perché

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