[Discussioni] [BNET, DMCA] Federal Court Rules Programmers Violated DMCA with Free Software

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Federal Court Rules Programmers Violated DMCA with Free Software

  Fair use  was dealt a  harsh blow today in  a Federal Court decision
  which held that programmers are not  allowed to create free software
  designed to work with commercial products.  At issue in the case was
  whether three software programmers who created the BnetD game server
  -- which  interoperates with Blizzard video games  online -- were in
  violation of the Digital Millenium Copyright Act (DMCA) and Blizzard
  Games' end user license agreement (EULA).

  BnetD  is an   open source  program   that lets gamers  play popular
  Blizzard titles  like  Warcraft with other  gamers on  servers  that
  don't belong to Blizzard's Battle.net  service. Blizzard argued that
  the     programmers   who    wrote     BnetD   violated the   DMCA's
  anti-circumvention provisions and that the programmers also violated
  several    parts    of Blizzard's   EULA,   including   a section on


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