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Volevo segnalare questa newsletter mensile a cura dell'Open Source 
Observatory della commissione europea che trovo sempre molto densa ed 
interessante per tutta la casistica che riesce a censire.
Lucia Mazzoni

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Subject: 	Open Source News Roundup - January 2005
Date: 	Wed, 9 Feb 2005 18:08:15 +0200 (EET)
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The IDABC Open Source News Roundup – January 2005



Welcome to the Open Source News Roundup.

This monthly alert serves to keep you informed of additions and updates
to the content on the IDABC Open Source Observatory (OSO). The IDABC-OSO
is a clearinghouse of information related to free/libre/open source
software in the public sector, and is intended to promote and spread the
use of best practices in Europe. It aims to provide a comprehensive
overview of free and open source software policies and activities in the
public sector, especially in current and future EU Member States. This
service will keep you up-to-date with the latest open source
software-related news, activities, initiatives and insights from across
Europe and beyond.

Please feel free to forward this alert to any other interested persons,
and to send us your comments and suggestions. We also welcome your
contributions and we invite you to send in news items, announcements for
events and other stories related to open source and of interest to
public administrations to the email address mentioned before. Moreover,
if you belong to a public authority or a public sector organisation and
would be interested in being the subject of a case study for best
practices regarding open source software, please contact us. All email
should be sent to gposs a cec.eu.int <mailto:gposs a cec.eu.int>.


*The Open Source Software Inventory*

The IDABC-OSO recently launched the *OSO Software Inventory, *acatalogue
of replicable free / libre / open source software solutions for
eGovernment. The aim of the Inventory is to classify and briefly
describe these solutions, to provide contact information for the
software solution developers, to permit providers and potential users of
eGovernment solutions to specify and search for relevant applications,
and to thereby allow public administrations to estimate – if possible –
whether and how these solutions might be replicable.

We invite you to submit any free / libre / open source software projects
that your organisation or team has produced, for inclusion in the OSO
Software Inventory.Submission of a software project is easy – you only
need to fill in an online form
(http://europa.eu.int/ida/en/chapter/5649) with a few questions
regarding the nature of the software. Within a few days thereafter, you
will see your software description online on the Inventory website.


News this month on the Open Source Observatory

A “soft migration” to Open Source Systems in Vienna
Pilot Project on Open Standards in Local Authorities in Lithuania and
Latvia <http://europa.eu.int/idabc/en/document/3802/469>
“Winux” for Vienna’s Desktop Workplaces
French Railways Tender on Open Source Software for Management of Work
Related Health Problems <http://europa.eu.int/idabc/en/document/3800/469>
French Atomic Energy Agency Tender on Maintenance of Open Source
Platform <http://europa.eu.int/idabc/en/document/3799/469>
New Danish Report on Pilot Projects with OpenOffice and Microsoft-Office
Hawaiian Open Source Conference addresses government institutions this
week <http://europa.eu.int/idabc/en/document/3775/469>
Norwegian Technology Council recommends stimulation of open source
OASIS approves Open Document Format standard for public review
Open Source Internet Seminar for Government
Venezuelan Public Administration to migrate to Open Source
Open Source Software for Brazil’s TJDF workstations
Large Danish public sector IT provider supports open standards
Genoa launches Open Source platform
Valencia not ready for full migration to Open Source on clients
Indian Government considers using Open Source Software
EU-Funding for Open Source development
Venezuela is moving towards Open Source Software

Case Studies

Case Study – Linux Server for the City of Salzburg
London Borough of Camden: public procurement of open source software
development <http://europa.eu.int/idabc/en/document/3804/470>


FOSDEM 2005 <http://www.fosdem.org/2005> - 26-27 February 2005, Brussels
6th annual GNOME User and Developer European Conference (GUADEC)
<http://2005.guadec.org/about.html>-  29-31 May 2005, Stuttgart (Germany)
First International Conference on Open Source Systems - OSS2005
<http://oss2005.case.unibz.it/>- 11-15 July 2005, Genova (Italy)

At present we do not have many event announcements. We invite you to
submit information regarding free and open source software related
events for publication on the IDABC-OSO, by sending an email to
gposs a cec.eu.int <mailto:gposs a cec.eu.int>.

For current and past open source software-related events click here

To *subscribe* to the Open Source News Roundup please register
<http://europa.eu.int/idabc/MyIDA/newuser> and select “Monthly email
subscription: Open source news and IDABC report” as your chosen
To *unsubscribe* to the Open Source News Roundup, please click here
<mailto:gposs a cec.eu.int?subject=Unsubscribe%20-%20IDA%20Open%20Source%20News%20Roundup>.

The Open Source News Roundup is published under a contract with the
Interchange of Data between Administrations Programme, European
Commission, Enterprise Directorate-General. The views expressed may not
in any circumstances be regarded as stating an official position of the
European Commission. Neither the European Commission nor any
personacting on its behalf is responsible for the use that might be made
of the information provided.
/Copyright European Communities 2004-2005./

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