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Subject: [it-help] Endorse the FFII position by sending a fax (deadline next
 wednesday) [fwd]
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Premessa: la questione brevetti software sta entrando in un'altra fase

Sarebbe bene che partecipasse il maggior n. di aziende possibile, anche
molto piccole, non importa, ma purchŔ costituiscano una realtÓ economica
di qualche tipo (anche studi associati, ecc..).

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Subject: Endorse the FFII position by sending a fax (deadline next wednesday)
Date: Thu, 06 Apr 2006 22:13:11 +0200

Dear Corporate Supporters,

As you are probably aware, the Commission has asked for organisations
and businesses to respond to their consultation procedure for patent
harmonisation.  The FFII believes this procedure is aimed, by some
parties, at introducing EU-wide software patents.

We will be submitting an FFII position on this consultation - you can
read our analysis at http://consultation.ffii.org - and we are asking
for all supporters, especially businesses and organisations, to
endorse our response by way of a fax signature.

If you are willing to endorse our analysis, and you have not already
responded to the Commission yourself, please go to 


and follow the instructions. The deadline to endorse the FFII position
is next Wednesday 12 April at 12h00. A delegation will give the
signatures to the Commission in the afternoon.

Thanks in advance for your participation,

- --
Pieter Hintjens
President, FFII e.V.

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Software Patents kill Innovation: say NO to Software Patents!
I Brevetti Software uccidono l'innovazione: di NO ai Brevetti Software!

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