[Discussioni] News: un po' di novita'

Alberto Cammozzo mmzz a stat.unipd.it
Mer 16 Ago 2006 12:45:38 CEST

	Sembra davvero che F/OSS stia diventando mainstream...


Real to plug Windows media support into Linux
Will release open-source software that lets Windows video and audio format files play on a Linux computer.

Motorola dialing up mainstream Linux phones
Motorola phones will use Linux within two years, and mainstream phones with the OS are imminent.

IBM deal to expand Linux software for Power
Partnership to increase the software available for customers running Linux on servers using Big Blue's Power processors.

An end run round copyright laws?
Legal activist Lawrence Lessig urges LinuxWorld attendees to use Creative Commons as route to "free culture."

Trolltech offers fully reprogrammable mobile phone
Supplier of Linux software for cell phones hopes new handset will help phone designers innovate faster.

NEC certifies Red Hat on fault-tolerant servers
short take It's the first time the software has been certified on Express5800/320Ma servers, NEC says.

ThinkPad now with Suse Linux
Novell and Lenovo are teaming up on a new ThinkPad laptop with Novell's Suse Linux operating system preinstalled.

AMD unleashes next-generation Opteron chips
Chipmaker's response to Intel's new Xeons speeds memory and paves way to quad-core.

Sun expands open-source Java plan
The server and software company will begin releasing open-source components this year and also will open up Java for gadgets.

Scalix readies Linux messaging server
short take An early version of Scalix 11, pitched as an alternative to Microsoft Exchange, is released with final release set for November.

Ingres and rPath create 'database appliance'
short take Project Icebreaker is a combination of the Ingres open-source database with a stripped-down Linux operating system.

Four million dollars and an open-source Mule
Start-up MuleSource convinces two VCs that there's money to be made in bringing open-source methods to integration software.

Open source grows beyond its roots
Start-up Zimbra shows its wiki at LinuxWorld as its cohort pushes into new areas and competes on features, not just price.

Key Linux programmer moves to Google
blog Key deputy to Linux leader Linus Torvalds has taken a job at the search engine powerhouse.

IBM brings Sametime IM to Linux
short takeWith Sametime 7.5 due later this summer, IBM will release a Linux client. Sametime Linux server due first half 2007.

HP offers Debian Linux support
Hewlett-Packard will offer support, but not marketing, for the noncommercial Linux version.

Start-up Movidis uses 16-core MIPS processor originally designed for networking gear to take a crack at Linux server market.
Windows, Solaris get Zmanda open-source backup

Chipmaker releases open-source software in an attempt to lure customers away from ATI, Nvidia.
Sun to offer open-source Java details

Novell bans proprietary Linux modules
Linux seller evicts closed-source modules from open-source Linux, but provides customers a download option.

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