[Discussioni] un articolo di economia dell'open source

Francesco Potortý pot a potorti.it
Gio 21 Gen 2010 18:48:33 CET

Articolo che ho trovato molto interessante sull'economia dell'open
source.  L'autore Ŕ Franšois Letellier (chi Ŕ lo trovate su Wikipedia),
il titolo Ŕ "Open Source Software: the Role of Nonprofits in Federating
Business and Innovation Ecosystems", il testo lo trovate con Google.

Il sommario Ŕ qui:

ABSTRACT Due to its function as a key enabling technology for the
information society and to its compliance with open standards,
infrastructure software is quickly commoditized. Its market therefore
evolves to natural monopolies faster than markets for tangible
goods. The success of free/libre/open-source software, originally
created for ethical reasons, may be explained by interpreting it as a
new paradigm which provides effective answers to the structural flaws of
the market. Now that mainstream industry players realize how much
economical sense this approach makes, they investigate new business and
innovation models. In this context, business-neutral meta-organizations
federating vendors, customers and governmental agencies shall target the
sustainable development of business ecosystems where stakeholders,
widely spread across various geographic and cultural environments,
develop beneficial strategies in line with their business and societal
requirements. Real world experience from new generation F/L/OSS
communities confirm this vision and suggest some balanced principles for
their management and governance.

Keywords: free/libre/open-source software, business ecosystems,
collective strategies, collaborative engineering, open innovation,
intellectual property

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