[Discussioni] Fwd: Software Libero belongs neither to the left nor to the right

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Oggetto: Software Libero belongs neither to the left nor to the right
Data: venerd́ 5 marzo 2010
Da: Richard Stallman <rms a gnu.org>
A: marco a ciurcina.it

Can you forward this to the discussioni list?
I cannot send to it, since I am not subscribed.

The free software movement does not identify generally with the left
or with the right on the political spectrum.  It has no stand on
political issues outside of freedom in using a program and basic human
rights for computer users.

I support the Green Party in the US, and would call myself
"Progressive" or "Liberal" (which in the US means supporting civil
liberties, a welfare state, and regulation of business).  But those
are only my personal views; the free software movement doesn't have a
stand on those questions.  Anyone who believes that software should be
free because users deserve to control their computing is a supporter
of the free software movement, regardless of his views on other
political issues.

I saw an English translation of something Girlanda said:

    This issue must be addressed with an open and liberal approach, contrary 
    to what it appears to me an ideological and partisan approach, as that
    tried by the left-wing to tackle the problem in the recent past.

If Girlanda's point is to disconnect the free software issue from
unrelated political issues, and say that the political left has no
monopoly over supporting free software, that is valid.  But his words
could have various interpretations.  When he rejects an "ideological"
approach, maybe that refers to the ethical philosophy of the free
software movement.  Maybe he is endorsing a purely convenience-based
open source stance and opposing the free software movement.  Or maybe
not.  From that short statement, I cannot tell.  So I will comment
on each of the possible meanings.

I think that Assoli should not endorse any political party or give
allegiance to any side in Italian politics.  I think it should work
with any politician prepared to support software libero, whether that
be Girlanda, Brunetta, or even Berlusconi.

However, Assoli should firmly show that it supports software libero as
a matter of freedom, not open source as a matter of mere convenience.

To work with politicians (and others) that speak in terms of open
source can be useful.  But while Assoli does this, it should always
present an unadulterated free software stance itself.  To work with
open source supporters is ok; to be submerged by them is not.  Assoli
needs to maintain a certain distance from them while working with
them, so it is not submerged.

So I think Assoli should assure Girlanda that software libero does not
imply allegiance to the left, only a stand for certain freedoms.  And
continue inviting all candidates of all parties -- including Girlanda
-- to endorse the Caro Candidato campaign.  This will give Girlanda
the chance to show what he really means by what he says.



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