[Discussioni] Support open standards in the Digital agenda

Marco Ciurcina marco a softwarelibero.it
Mer 31 Mar 2010 12:48:30 CEST

Molto importante.


At the European level, open standards and interoperability are endangered and 
could disappear from European Union's digital policy agenda. Please act now. 
Neelie Kroes, European Commissioner in charge of Digital Strategy (and former 
European Commissioner for Competition), is currently drafting the agenda for 
Europe's digital policy. Neelie Kroes suffers pressure through the Directorate 
General Company to remove open standards and interoperability concepts from 
the agenda. 

 April published a letter sent to European commission supporting Commissioner 
Neelie Kroes' approach in favor of open standards and interoperability in the 
digital agenda. We urge everybody to relay this letter and to write to the 
Commission to make our voice. 

 The letter and the press release : 
English version 
French version 

 Here are the contact addresses for those four key people: 
Joaquín Almunia: formulaire web 
Michel Barnier: Michel.Barnier (@) ec.europa.eu
Antonio Tajani: CAB-TAJANI-WEBPAGE (@) ec.europa.eu
Neelie Kroes: assistante : oana.boldis (@) ec.europa.eu

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