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By participating in* Number One Success System* and willingly giving a gift
to one or more of its participants, the donor of such a gift has chosen to
extinguish all rights to the gift and cannot rightfully expect or depend on
*Number One Success System* or any of its participants for any type of
monetary compensation.Anyone seeking to profit from their endeavors are
encouraged to investigate the many profit-making opportunities available
today - no such program is offered here. Participants give freely of
themselves and expect nothing in return.
*Real estate* or immovable property is a legal term (in some jurisdictions)
that encompasses land along with anything permanently affixed to the land,
such as buildings. Real estate (immovable property) is often considered
synonymous with *real property* (also sometimes called *realty*), in
contrast with personal property (also sometimes called *chattel* or *
personalty*). However, for technical purposes, some people prefer to
distinguish real estate, referring to the land and fixtures themselves, from
real property, referring to ownership rights over real estate.

The terms *real estate* and *real property* are used primarily in common
law, while civil law jurisdictions refer instead to immovable property.

In law, the word *real* means relating to a thing (from Latin *res/rei*,
thing), as distinguished from a person. Thus the law broadly distinguishes
between "real" property (land and anything affixed to it) and "personal"
property (everything else, e.g., clothing, furniture, money). The conceptual
difference was between immovable property, which would transfer title along
with the land, and movable property, which a person would retain title to.
(The word is not derived from the notion of land having historically been
"royal" property. The word *royal* — and its Portuguese cognate *real* —
come from the related Latin word *rex-regis,* meaning king.)
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