NZANGA JOSEPH MOBUTU. formati@softwarelibero.it
Sun, 9 Mar 2003 14:33:11 -0800

Attn=3A Managing director=2FCEO
I am the first son of the late Mobutu Sese Seko=2C the
former President of the Congo Republic=2E
I am presently under protective custody in South Africa as
a political refugee=2E
I got your contact during my search for a stranger 
that can cooperate with me in this mutual transaction=2E

I want you to note that this business will benefit
both of us=2E However=2C you must confirm your ability to
handle this because it involves a large amount of
money=2E The money =2828 million US DOLLARS is my share of
my father's estate=2E I boxed and shipped the money to a
security company abroad at the peak of the
war=2Fpolitical crisis that rocked my country few years
ago=2E Now the crisis has ended and I need a trustworthy
person like you to proceed to the place of the
security company in order to clear the fund and invest
on my behalf as I don=92t want my name to be used for

Note that I will send to you the relevant documents
that will enable you take possession of the fund for

onward investment for our mutual benefit=2E All I need
 from you is as follows=3A

1=2EA letter of commitment =28dully signed=29 that you will
 keep the transaction strictly confidential=2E
2=2E Your confirmation of your ability to handle this=2E 
3=2E Your international passport or driving license
number for identification to the security company=2E

4=2E Your telephone and fax numbers for communication=2E
5=2E Your full permanent address=2E
As soon as I get the above information from you=2C I
 will disclose to you the name and the country of the
 security company=2E I will forward your name and
 particulars to the security company to enable them
 contact you accordingly=2E I will also send to you a
 LETTER OF AUTHORITY to enable you clear the fund on my
 behalf=2E Note that this is a very safe transaction as
 this money is my share of my father's estate=2E
i am waiting for your response to enable us proceed=2E