Mrs. Amina Abu formati@softwarelibero.it
Fri, 21 Nov 2003 04:57:24 +0000

Dear colleague=2C
Despite the persistent abuse of the internet=2C it remains the fastest=2C surest and most effective means of business communication hence=2C I wish to use this medium to pass on this very important information=2E
On behalf of the Yobe State Ministry of Agriculture=2C I wish to inform you of our desire to purchase animal vaccines as stated above=2E Our State is largely responsible for the supply of about 60% of the COW MEAT consumed in this country=2E Farmers in this state run Cattle Ranches with a total herd of cow averaging 1=2E5 million every quarter=2E However=2C in recent times=2C production has been hampered by the scourge of a strange disease which has affected their turn-out level=2E The government has been intervening in its bid to control the situation with some VACCINES and DRUGS supplied by some of our veterinary contractors from Europe=2E The vaccines and drugs have been very efficacious=2E These drugs are Claformixil Hydrochloride 100ml=2C and Terramycin 5 Phenoxyle injection=2E
In light of the above=2C the Government has allocated a lump sum of money for this purchase and we are about awarding the contract for the supply of another batch of the drugs and vaccines which would be sold at subsidized rates to local farmers=2E I am particularly interested because of the enormous amount of funds allocated by the Government and I would want to influence the award of the animal vaccines contract to someone I can trust and work with=2C so that both of us can benefit from it=2E
Therefore=2C I would like to use this opportunity to establish a lasting business relationship with your good self if you are in a position to supply this vaccines as stated above=2E
Do revert with the following=3A
- Your detailed quotation showing the export prices of the 
specified vaccines=2E
- Your acceptable method of payment for our consideration and prompt action=2E
Perhaps=2C you are not a veterinarian or veterinary contractor=2C you can enter this contract and supply the vaccines through secondary sources=2E Already=2C I have placed an advert on the internet for the source of the vaccines and would let you know where=2Fhow to get the vaccines when there are feedbacks from prospective manufacturers or distributors=2E All you need to do is to contact the source=2C get their current prices=2C and make your own quotation=2E I will=2C however=2C inflate your quotation by 5% and make sure you are awarded the contract and payment effected to you appropriately=2C so that you can remit my own 5% into my bank account as would be provided=2E
This supply contract requires prompt attention because there are several bids from foreign and local contractors for this contract but I am reluctant in awarding the contract because I need someone who can work and willing to cooperate with me accordingly=2E If you are interested=2C let me know=2C so that I can start influencing every move now=2E
I welcome this opportunity to do business with you=2E
Truly yours=2C
Mrs=2E Amina Abu
Director General=2C
Yobe State Ministry of Agriculture=2C