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Cito solo le parti per noi interessanti di questo messaggio di Alberto

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Date: Wed, 23 May 2007 11:53:01 +0200
From: Alberto Barrionuevo <abarrio at ffii.org>
Subject: Re: Fwd: URGENT Open Standards
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"Open Standard" is already defined in several laws and norms of EU countries 
(FR, DK, SK, NL,...) All them mainly match with the EU IDABC definition 
(100% "royalty free" all them). The definitions come from telecom laws, from 
interoperability frameworks, from e-administration issues, from... far away 
to "only from e-governement"!

Please, use this report we, the Spanish Open Standard Group, made for the 
Spanish e-Administration law (which by the way, also includes in its current 
near to final draft a "royalty free" provision in its open standard 


The report refers to the main legal open standard definitions currently 
existing in EU countries (you could indeed add Croatia's one if it is useful 
for you).

The report is in Spanish, but it contains the links to the original laws/norms 
that is what is important.

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Alberto Barrionuevo
FFII Vice President
EstandaresAbiertos.org Coordinator
+34 639708494
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