[P.A.] Embedded Chat turns Web Visitors into Clients

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Embedded Chat turns Web Visitors into Clients

Turn up to 90% of your web visitors into Clients!
Our Embedded Chat does just that.




Not just live chat, Embedded Chat!

This Phenomenon Will Skyrocket Your Sales!

If you are not using Embedded Chat on your site, you are losing valuable
clients. That is just a fact. There is an unimaginable difference what
Embedded chat does for converting browsing web surfers into leads and

We get your visitors contact information or it\s FREE

We\re so confident that it works, we give you a 15-day, fully-functioning,
free trial. Go ahead, try it out.

Our staff is goal oriented and dedicated to getting the contact information
of people that are interested in your products or services.

With our Embedded chat your customers do not even have to click a button to
chat, they are already in a chat when they enter the site, If they ignore
the chat window we have the power to invite them to chat with a floating
invitation. Why would you want to do that Direct contact with the customer
means customer confidence, conversion rates and sales skyrocket.

Imagine this:
Let\s say that your customer contacts you for a live chat through our
Embedded Chat. They\d like to buy a pack of 40 burritos, but they only see
packages of 15. Not only can you push them to the page showing a pack of 50
burritos, you can offer them a discount and assist them through the purchase
process all through Embedded Chat. The customer is happy, they commend you
for the great customer service, and you\ve got more money in your pocket.

Embedded Chat helps organizations to increase online Sales Revenue and
provide better Customer Service - all in Real Time - and literally with a
mouse click

Embedded Chat provides instant benefits and maximum returns to its clients.

Embedded Chat Significantly increases new customer acquisitions and online

Embedded Chat Generates qualified leads from your online marketing and
print campaigns.

Embedded Chat Decreases shopping cart abandonment rates and customer churn.

Embedded Chat Increase sales, reduce support costs, and attain rapid ROI.

Embedded Chat Services more prospects and customers, more efficiently.

Embedded Chat Maximizes customer satisfaction, loyalty and profit.

Imagine if your customers can get answers and live help to their questions
from you right into right now. No matter how informative your website is,
people will have more questions about your services or product. Our live
chat software will increase trust by making your website come alive.

* Instead of leaving visitors to navigate your site by themselves, you
would be in control. You would be able to engage your customers and
proactively guide them right toward a sale.

* No longer will you worry about losing a potential customer because a
simple question wasn\t answered.

* You will increase your visitors\ confidence by showing there is a real
live person behind your site.

Increase your sales: Chatters are 3 times more likely to buy from the
Site visitors that are provided the option to chat with a sales expert are
25-200% more likely to make purchases from your website. Online shoppers are
still wary to trust a website\s catalogue technology and purchasing
procedure, and sometimes even the most web savvy shoppers need help. With
Embedded Chat, your business can offer your customers the information and
online confidence they seek. Agents can use the opportunity to develop
relationships with customers and suggest items to upsell.

Improve your customer service: Chatters are twice as likely to return to the
90% of customers prefer live human interaction for online assistance, but
80-90% of the same customers would rather not use the phone. Using Embedded
Chat, customers avoid the hassles of navigating phone systems or waiting on
hold for up to an hour to speak with a phone agent. Many will simply give up
and find your products elsewhere if they can\t get help instantly. This is
especially true among dial-up internet users.

Increase your online revenue
Chatters are 3 times more likely to buy from your site having spoken with
your sales staff

Increase staff performance
Each chats is automatically saved online so you can access them at the end
of every day to see how your staff performed. This will give you a better
idea of what your customers requests are and how your staff are handling

Reduce your staff costs
One operator can easily handle multiple customers at the same time.
Resolving customer support issues with Embedded Chat is up to 90% less
expensive than a phone call or an email. By incorporating the live chat
button into the emails your staff send to customers you also make it easier
for customers to respond quickly.

Increase your customer satisfaction and loyalty
Your customers experience shorter waiting time and get immediate answers to
their questions.

24-7 Chat Answering
Embedded Chat has a 24 hour call centre that can answer your visitors chats
for you after hours and on weekends, passing you on leads so even when your
staff have left for office we are still gathering leads to pass onto you the
next business day.

Hosted and Client Hosted
Embedded Chat has both a hosted version (stored on our servers) and a client
hosted (stored on your servers) program allowing you more flexibility.

Report Download
At the end of each day our team can send you a file with all the chats that
took place that day. This can be printed off for you to browse no the way
home. This allows an excellent insight into what your staff are saying to
customers and what your customers are looking for.

Prechat Survey
Embedded Chat allows you to set-up a series of questions for your visitors
to answer once theyve clicked the chat button. This will help you to build a
profile of your website visitors before you begin chatting. You can also use
this to follow up with our website visitors.

Customised buttons
Our team can provide you with well-designed buttons to attract your visitors
attention. We can also customise the chat interface to ensure that it blends
with your website.

Canned Responses
You can save standard responses to questions to answer typical customer
queries. This saves time and enables you to word your responses well.

Chat logs
All chats are automatically saved on a secure database which you can view 24
hrs 7 days a week.

With Embedded Chat you can use chat logs to run reports on various criteria
such as operator reports, reports by date, reports by keyword(s), reports by
prechat survey criteria

Postchat Survey
Your sales staff can rank conversations based on the quality or subject of

Chat Alert
Your staff are alerted every time a customer enters a chat through a beeping
sound on their pc.

Multiple Chats
Your staff can have chats with multiple visitors at the same time.

Chat Transfers
Your staff can pass a visitor to another staff member to handle their query.

Operator Interchat
Your staff can contact each other instantly with any queries they may have.

Multiple Operators
You can have multiple staff online using Embedded Chat

Push Page
Quite often you will have a web visitor who cant navigate to a particular
page on your website. Using Embedded Chat you can push the page to them so
all they have to do is to click the link and they are there. Quite a number
of our clients use this to encourage their web visitors to register for a
particular product.

Hosted Software
The chat interface can be loaded onto our server so that you don\t have to
do anything more than place the live chat button on your web pages. In fact,
we can also do this for you if you don\t have time. We also have a non
hosted version which can be hosted by you on your servers.

Offline Email Form
Allow your visitors to leave a message if you are not signed in as an
operator. This message will be forwarded directly to your e-mail box.
Alternatively we also have the option of answering the chats for you after
hours too.

Customisable interface
This feature brings a little flare as it allows you o customise the look and
feel of your interface in seconds changing the colour of the interface, the
graphics and the fonts in the conversation with customizable colours, font
types, and sizes. Available for operator and visitor fonts.

Browser Compatibility
Embedded Chat is compatible with all browsers ensuring that you don\t have
any frustrated chatter trying to get through.

Visitor history
Click the name of the visitor and see the past chats they had with your

Typing indicator
A \operator is typing\ message indicator will appear which allows the other
party to know when you are typing.

Return Visitor Recognition
When customers connect with a chat, their network IP addresses are recorded.
When customers return, their presence is detected and prior chat histories
can be instantly accessed.

Chat Invite
You can now invite your web browsers into a chat in real manually or
automatically. This boosts interaction between your company and your website

Visitor Monitoring
You can now monitor your website visitors in real time, see what web page
they are on, what search engine they came from and what keywords they used.



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