[Diritto] IBM e GPL

Andrea Capriotti a.capriotti@nettuno.it
22 Dec 2001 13:35:27 +0100

Il sab, 2001-12-22 alle 11:48, Stefano Maffulli ha scritto:

> > A mischievous little elf pointed us at page 135 of a 144-page
> > document entitled "Linux for S/390" and it seems that IBM's added a
> > little "disclaimer" to the GNU.
> >
> > "Elements of Linux for S/390 which utilise internal details of the
> > S/390 systems remain the intellectual property and copyright of IBM,
> > notwithstanding the (GNU) licence," it says.
> Ho chiesto informazioni a IBM, ma non penso di avere risposta subito. Mi 
> viene in mente pero` che il S/390 non si chiama piu` cosi (mi pare sia 
> diventato zSeries) e quindi tale documento potrebbe anche essere vecchio.
Attualmente sul sito scrivono:


Based on your needs or requirements, you can select: Downloads for
kernel 2.2 or Downloads for kernel 2.4 to get the modifications (source
patches and OCO modules) needed to build and run LINUX for S/390 and
LINUX for zSeries. These patches are available free of charge and,
except for the patches of strace, which is under 'distributable
license', are distributed under the GPL/LGPL license.

Andrea Capriotti
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