[Diritto] SSSCA

Alessandro Rubini rubini@gnu.org
Thu, 20 Sep 2001 13:45:43 +0200

Da fsb@. Se qualcuno ha energie da investire su SSSCA....

Dice Michael Tiemann (cygnus -> redhat):

> At our company meeting today, our CEO Matthew Szulik exhorted every
> employee (even those not in the US) to become more politically aware
> and active, and he specifically asked that people learn how the
> SSSCA could make free software (as we know it today) illegal.  So
> there's going to be an effort here at Red Hat.
> [...]
> If anybody feels inclined to join that effort, I'm sure I can get a
> list together--send me mail with SSSCA at the front of the subject
> line, and I'll get you subscribed if there are enough (more than 20)
> people.

E Bernard Lang risponde:

> ACM is working on that very seriously ... they are extremely concerned.
> May I suggest you coordinate with Barbara Simons <simons@acm.org>
> and Gene Spafford <spaf@cerias.purdue.edu>, Co-Chairs of
> U.S. ACM Public Policy Committee (USACM)

Citando poi Ronald L. Rivest del MIT:

>         "The term "interactive digital device" means any machine, [...]

> My feeble brain came up with the following list of things that would
> have to be secured.  I'm sure you can think of lots more.
> [...]
>         -- All remote key-entry systems and most home security systems
>         -- All stop-light controllers
> Well, I should leave some of the fun to you. But of course
> my favorite should be listed:
>         -- All digital rectal thermometers