[Discussioni] risposte a Microsoft

raphael calvelli raphaello-mouse a altern.org
Lun 7 Maggio 2001 01:05:20 CEST

Al FUD di Microsoft:

due risposte eccellente, ragazzi:

Linus Torvalds, nel suo grande stile

"I wonder if Mundie has ever heard of Sir Isaac Newton? He's not only famous
for having basically set the foundations for classical mechanics (and the the
original theory of gravitation, which is what most people remember, along with
the apple tree story), but he is also famous for how he acknowledged the

	"If I have been able to see further, it was only because I stood on the
	shoulders of giants".

I'd rather listen to Newton than to Mundie. He may have been dead for almost
three hundred years, but despite that he stinks up the room less."

E Tim O'Reilly, vispamente:

"I invite Craig Mundie to be my guest at our Open Source Convention in San
Diego this July. If he wants to bring along some colleagues, I'll welcome
them, too. After a few days immersed in the bleeding edge of open source
development, I think he'll have an even bigger story to tell."

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