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Mer 17 Dic 2003 19:50:11 CET

Giro in lista un invito a un seminario organizzato dalla Unit 
eBusiness della comunità europea e dal progetto PRELUDE.

Rob Galop

Dear Madame, Dear Sir,


It is our pleasure to invite you to the “SMEs and eBusiness – A 
Challenge for Europe” seminar organised jointly by the European 
Commission eBusiness Unit and the PRELUDE Project (IST 2001-32321). 
The seminar takes place on 21 January 2004, starting at 9.30 am. The 
venue is Centre Borschette in Brussels.


The seminar has been organized to address the needs, threats and 
opportunities that small and medium size (SME) companies meet as 
information and communication technology is making eBusiness a 
reality. Many SMEs are currently unprepared, yet they have a crucial 
role in the successful deployment of eBusiness. SMEs could also play a 
more important role in eBusiness research.


The objective of the seminar is to discuss present and future 
challenges in eBusiness from the perspective of SMEs. The European 
Commission has set specific targets for their participation in the 6th 
Framework Programme of research and technology development (RTD), and 
SMEs are also a key component of many national, regional and local 
development programmes. eBusiness will have a significant impact on 
SMEs in Europe, but currently European SMEs are not at the forefront 
of research and development activities.


This seminar will address the obstacles that SMEs are facing and 
suggest ways to prepare an eBusiness future for European SMEs.


The day will begin by introducing the visions and plans of the 
European Commission eBusiness Unit, of the PRELUDE Project and its 
EDEn – Enterprises in the Digital Economy - European Cluster for 
Innovation, as well as the European eBusiness Support Network. We will 
then have a plenary focusing on the role of SMEs in the FP6 IST 
programme, on the local dimension of research and technology 
development in this domain and on a future eBusiness scenario for 
SMEs. In the afternoon we will continue with four workshops:


§         operating environment of SMEs and the role of public-private 

§         the added value of open source solutions;

§         trust and security in SMEs’ eBusiness;

§         the conditions for a Global SME’s strategy based on digital 
networks and services.


For more information please go to http://excen.jalusta.com/prelude.

Online registration at 


Most sincerely,

Javier Ossandon


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