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Nicola A. Grossi k2 a larivoluzione.it
Ven 27 Lug 2007 18:27:28 CEST

Ma perché nessuno si meraviglia del fatto che, ad esempio, al testamento 
di un semianalfabeta vengono riconosciuti pieni effetti giuridici mentre
il riconoscimento di tali effetti a licenze a cui hanno lavorato per 
anni fior fior si giuristi sembra un fatto così straordinario?

Io sta cosa non l'ho mai capita e probabilmente non la capirò mai...

n a g

Francesco Potorti` ha scritto:

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>Subject: [FSFE PR][EN] FSFE offers to help companies adhere to Free Software
> licence terms
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>FSFE offers to help companies adhere to Free Software licence terms
>	The terms of the GNU GPL licence have been confirmed as binding
>	once again, with a German court ruling that Skype was failing 
>	to uphold its obligations as a distributor.  FSFE wants to help
>	other vendors understand their GNU GPL obligations.
>Harald Welte of gpl-violations.org took Skype to court in Munich, 
>Germany, regarding misuse of GNU GPL code he wrote for the Netfilter 
>component of the Linux kernel.  This is the first time a non-German 
>company has been convicted for GNU GPL licence violations, though the
>gpl-violations.org project has reached numerous out of court 
>settlements with various vendors in the past.
>Skype had been selling the SMC WSKP100 VoIP telephone without providing
>either source code or a written offer for the source code with the 
>product itself.  Though Skype later included a supplementary text to 
>the product which referred to the use of GPL software and contained 
>URLs to source code downloads, this also failed to meet the terms 
>contained in the GNU GPL licence. 
>The ruling of the German court in favour of Harald Welte is welcomed 
>by FSFE.  "Adhering to the terms of the GNU GPL is not difficult, and 
>this case re-emphasises the importance of doing so, " says Shane 
>Coughlan, Freedom Task Force coordinator at FSFE.  "Skype did not 
>recognise this and unfortunately had to be reminded of their 
>obligations in a court of law.  While many vendors are working 
>pro-actively to resolve licensing issues, problems remain in the 
>European market place.  We would like to see them resolved as quickly 
>and as amicably as possible."
>"The main focus of the gpl-violations.org project is to fix problems 
>vendors have with shipping products that contain GNU GPL code," says 
>Armijn Hemel, an engineer at the gpl-violations.org project.  "We want 
>to work with vendors to implement long-term solutions to compliance 
>issues. It is our wish to ensure everyone operates according to the 
>same terms and rules, as decided by the authors of the code in 
>There are several ways that companies distributing GNU GPL code in 
>Europe can get help and advice.  Armijn Hemel, an engineer at the 
>gpl-violations.org project, offers compliance services for embedded 
>devices.  FSFE's Freedom Task Force has also recently launched 
>professional consultancy services for businesses making use of Free 
>Software in their products.
>"There are avenues of information and advice for businesses using Free 
>Software," says Shane Coughlan.  "One of the purposes of the FTF is to
>help companies avoid costly mistakes.  Where the FTF can help people, 
>we will.  If we don't have the answers in-house we will help guide 
>people to the external information or expertise they need.  The one 
>thing I would like to stress is that businesses should not and cannot 
>ignore these issues."
>The Freedom Task Force can be found at http://www.fsfeurope.org/ftf
>The Freedom Task Force can be emailed at ftf a fsfeurope.org
>About the Free Software Foundation Europe:
>   The Free Software Foundation Europe (FSFE) is a non-profit
>   non-governmental organisation active in many European countries and
>   involved in many global activities. Access to software determines
>   participation in a digital society. To secure equal participation
>   in the information age, as well as freedom of competition, the Free
>   Software Foundation Europe (FSFE) pursues and is dedicated to the
>   furthering of Free Software, defined by the freedoms to use, study,
>   modify and copy. Founded in 2001, creating awareness for these
>   issues, securing Free Software politically and legally, and giving
>   people Freedom by supporting development of Free Software are
>   central issues of the FSFE.
>About gpl-violations.org:
>   In the past 30 months, gpl-violations.org has helped uncover and
>   negotiate more than 100 GPL violations and has obtained numerous
>   out-of-court settlement agreements. The gpl-violations.org project
>   is a not-for-profit effort to bring commercial users and vendors of
>   Free Software into compliance with the licence conditions as set
>   forth by the original authors.  The project was founded and is
>   managed by Mr. Harald Welte, a Linux Kernel developer and Free
>   Software enthusiast.
>   For more information on the project, its mission, milestones and
>   goals, please see http://gpl-violations.org
>   You can reach the FSFE switchboard from:
>    Belgium:     +32 2 747 03 57 ext 408
>    Germany:     +49 700 373 38 76 73 ext 408
>    Sweden:      +46 31 7802160 ext 408
>    Switzerland: +41 43 500 03 66 ext 408
>    UK:          +44 29 200 08 17 7 ext 408 
>   Shane Coughlan, FTF Co-ordinator, FSFE extension: 408
>   Joachim Jakobs, Media Relations,  FSFE extension: 404
>                                             mobile: +49-179-6919565
>   Further information: http://fsfeurope.org
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