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Date: Sat, 23 Aug 2008 05:56:11 +0200
From: FFII patent poison petition team <pet a stopsoftwarepatents.eu>
Subject: asking for your help in collecting names of associations
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A group of FFII activists have decided to set up big European petitions
targeting national legislators of the members of the European Patent
Convention to clarify the limitations of patentability. We are
aiming to collect at least 1 million signatures, which implies the
support of a large number of associations.

We would like, as the first phase, to collect the names of local
associations which will probably support the petition to stop software
and business method patents. We are going to contact them for the
details on a second phase.

For this we need your help - please go to


and fill in the data of any organisation of your country which
you think would probably support the petition.

Thanks in advance,
Iván Villanueva and Miernik, activists of the FFII and former board

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