[Discussioni] openBTS

Francesco Potortý pot a potorti.it
Mar 5 Ott 2010 14:24:17 CEST

Mi segnalano questa interessantissima pagina su openBTS:

╚ un sistema voip compatibile GSM che funziona su singola cella autonoma
ed Ŕ scalabile fino ad un instero sistema telefonico multicella connesso
alla rete GSM.

Qualcuno sa o pu˛ indovinare cosa significa l'ultimo punto?

OpenBTS Distribution

The public distribution of the OpenBTS system is available through the
GNU Radio web site under GPLv3. Please contact us for information on
commercial licensing and support.

The commercial distribution provides the following advantages:

    * Access to commercial support from the original authors of the
    * Features not yet released in public distributions.
    * GPLv3 compliance. If you hold GSM patent licenses, you cannot
      redistribute OpenBTS under GPLv3. A commercial support agreement
      from Kestrel will insure your GPLv3 compliance or allow you access
      to other licenses.

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