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Objet : possible collaboration in ICT projects [56ew58cq91]

Dear Friends from Genderchangers,

 We have heard of your organization some time ago from people involved in  organizing Ladyfest Amsterdam. We are writing to you with a request for  possible collaboration in ICT projects. In particular we are looking  for volunteers that would be interested to bring technical knowledge to  our projects.

Women on Web (www.womenonweb.org)  is a digital community of women who have had abortions and individuals  and organizations that support abortion rights. We are an online project  that helps women in countries where there is no access to safe abortion  services to get medical abortion. We furthermore carry out campaigns  that focus on improving access to information using ICT strategies,  among others. In our campaigns we usually work together with activists  and grassroots organizations.

 Women on Web
 works closely with Women on Waves, an organization that  sails to countries where abortion is illegal. We have joined forces in  setting up strategies such as hotlines (see: http://www.womenonwaves.org/index.php?lang=en) that provide information on safe abortion methods in countries in Latin America, Asia and most recently, Africa.

 We are currently looking for people that are motivated to be part of a  project that uses ICT strategies in activism for reproductive health and  rights of women and who are interested in exploring the potential of  digital network technologies within feminism framework.
Through our campaigns we have seen the potential of for example, linking  mobile technology to social activism and the amazing developments that  are taking place in this area (mainly initiated by grassroots groups in  the developing world). Our
 organization would be interested to work with  people that can investigate more closely from a technical perspective,  the possibilities of ICT and mobile technology (different apps, sms,  using cell phones in activist campaigns). Also we are looking for people  that can contribute to improving the websites (both Women on Web and  Women on Waves).

 We hope that Genderchangers might know people interested in working  together with Women on Web. Our organization currently works with about  30 volunteers from around the world. For this particular projects, the  volunteer should ideally be located in Amsterdam where we have our  office. Also, important would be that the volunteer is communicative and  likes sharing knowledge with others. Would you know people that might  be interested? Could you share this message with them?
 Thank you very much.
 Looking forward to your reply.

Kindest regards, Kinga
on behalf of the Women on Web team
-- Women On Web http://www.womenonweb.org/ [56ew58cq91]

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